• THEN

    Virtucomp Closed Corporation (Virtucomp cc) was originaly founded in 1998 by two students Enrico Vermaak & Jan Dorfling as a means to make money whilst being students at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Virtucomp cc used to be a company that focused on assembling, installing and repairing computers. The name VIRTUCOMP was derived from VIRTUal COMPuting, which was not a generally familiar concept at the time (even to those familiar with Information Technology). Virtucomp was therefore named jokingly, not (at the time) understanding the profound impact that virtual computing would have on the industry. The business was however shelved after less than a year of trading.

  • NOW

    Virtucomp Consulting Services (VCS) is a well-established Information Technology (I.T.) Consulting company & Service Provider operating in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape & surrounding areas. We provide specialized I.T. Consulting Services and ICT Infrastructure sales to the public & private sectors. Through our high levels of service excellence, the overwhelming majority of income for our business is derived from annuity business and our continued customer-base growth is usually attributed to “word-of-mouth” and social media marketing. Virtucomp Consulting Services (VCS) is a privately held business and its survival and continued growth is based purely on our service excellence, specialized skill and personal relationship which our staff has with our customers.


    We have considered changing our naming convention from VIRTUCOMP to CLOUDCOMP that would make it more relevant...who knows?
    The company looks to leverage its expertise in information security, IP voice solutions and data networks with wider presence in numerous industry verticals, in order to deliver a comprehensive, integrated information and communications solution that brings simplicity to a complex market. Our solutions will always consider security first. Our entire business is effectively cloud-based...with the exception of our Xbox 😉



With our many years of experience in providing top-of-the-line ICT solutions, we stay committed to our mission while the company’s focus remains on providing excellent products and delivering exceptional service to clients.


Our vision is to move all our customer services (where applicable) to cloud-based services and as such, we currently don’t own any core networking infrastructure.

  •  Being engaged in every aspect of the ICT industry.
  • Offer quality, competitively priced computer & other I.T. equipment.
  • Reasonable I.T. labour rates and cost-saving labour support contracts.
  • Sound advice with fast, efficient and reliable service.


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